So many companies with a website think that just listing their address on the contact page is enough to get people to find them. In fact, a lot of companies fail to even post their address anywhere on their websites, which is even worse! Have you ever clicked on a website and tried to get to the bottom of “where” the company is located, only to fall short?

Your customers should not have to be private detectives or secret spies to find you! Make it easy for customers to get to your office by adding Google maps to your website. There are many other benefits to doing this, and it should be done even by companies who have a home business or who do not get walk-in traffic.

Why? You might wonder why you should do this, especially if you do not want people coming to your home office. They might find you working in your fuzzy slippers.

However, the point of Google Maps on your website is not just to invite unwanted guests over. You can get around this by putting your hours underneath the map, or by stating; “By Consultation Only” or something to that effect.

The primary reason that you should add Google maps to your website is to improve traffic to your website! Google finds businesses and websites by mining for critical elements of the website, and one of the criteria of the search bots is the physical location of the business. Google also sees a company as being more legitimate, which gives you higher rankings or more authority than a competitor who may not have a map on their website. Your website will show up more often in local searches when a map is attached.

This is an example of the perfect “Directions” page we designed for an established salon in Exton, PA. Note that it includes an introduction, a place for people to put their own starting address, as well as a professional link to Google Maps:

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