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How does OmniTargeting work?

Warm leads that have left your site are potential customers floating around the web. OmniTargeting offers an innovative way to draw those customers back to your site, product or service and convert them into actual purchases. OmniTargeting has a unique campaign structure coupled with an enormous volume of ads, broken into multiple ad types. These two solutions combined ensure your customers to see different aspects of your key marketing message.

The Funnel

Traditional retargeting hits everyone who has visited your site or engaged with your social media via an ad. With OmniTargeting, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we offer a different narrative for potential customers who leave your page. They are shown a variety of ads across a number of platforms, depending on when they last interacted with your page. As they move through the funnel, different configurations of different ad sets are shown in an effort to draw them back in.

The Ad Types

As the saying goes, if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem will look like a nail. We take a multi-pronged approach to draw potential customers back and land a conversion. Our four ad types consist of Review, Brand, Offer and Seasonal. Review type ads help to reinforce authority and trust among your audience. Brand ads raise awareness and keep your company top of mind. Offer ads give your potential customer an incentive to reach out. And finally, seasonal ads ensure your content is relevant to the current time.

The Platforms

Getting the message out there is important, especially on the right platforms. So where does OmniTargeting run? The answer depends very much on the niche of the client as there are certain restrictions on different platforms, especially for retargeting. If possible, we start our campaigns on Google Display and Facebook, then move on to Gmail and YouTube when enough audience is present.

For clients who cannot run on Google Display, we offer additional platforms that run on 90% of the Display Network without the restrictions. We also offer Instagram to those with an account linked to their Facebook account. LinkedIn is only available to some B2B clients.

The Impact

An efficient retargeting campaign will not only offer leads and impressions at a cost that is between a third and a quarter of your top of funnel costs, but it will also improve those top of funnel campaigns. From reducing CPC to extending reach, OmniTargeting needs the audience brought by the top of the funnel in order to be a standalone campaign and go on to help buoy all other campaigns.

Who is OmniTargeting for?
  • You are looking to recapture lost leads for calls or form fill
  • You already have website traffic and a tracked audience
Who is OmniTargeting not for?
  • You don’t have a website, or the website is difficult to navigate with no clear call to action
  • You sell products or services online (eCommerce)
  • Your business are part of these niches: legal, medical, credit, gambling, religion, personal finance, counseling, and political
  • We will work with you to set up all accounts, add billing details where it is applicable, and implement conversion and call tracking.
  • Client to provide all promotional offers, testimonials, photos and other requested assets to assist in keeping ad content seasonably relevant.
  •  We will pay for your ad spend based on the allocated budget/ limits.
  •  Client’s to provide information about their offer, USP, reviews, and GTM codes.
  • Provide an email address for the Facebook Business Manager.
  • We will update your billing details to all Platforms (Google Ads & Facebook etc).
  • Client to let us know of any website changes so we can check tracking systems.

What We Do


The tracking set up for OmniTargeting is complicated and spans multiple platforms, which is why we offer comprehensive training videos before your onboarding form. Then, we organize a call with one of our agents to confirm the information and get a better idea of the direction of your campaign. We also confirm any outstanding information and when it is due to go live.

Account Management

Once the campaign is live, we not only conduct thorough and regular checks to confirm setup and performance, we continue to monitor campaigns so that we can expand to Gmail or YouTube if the audience is large enough. We tailor the campaign to stay within budget and optimize performance. The ads are then updated with adjusted messaging and offers every quarter.

Reports & Updates

We send out reports on the 2nd of every month that are white label and relevant platforms. We organize calls every three months. This allows us to not only go over the campaigns with you and how they are running in detail, but we also take time to discuss any updates to the ads including the overall messaging, the assets and the copy.

Pricing Info

For Single



Day 1

Monthly Management


Day 14
Go Live
Recurs Monthly

If go live date is pushed back beyond 14 days the billing date is also moved back to match

For Additional



Per Campaign

Monthly Management


Additional campaigns priced on

Before onboarding a second campaign you must consult with your project manager.

Ad spend is not included and is billed directly to the customer by the ad networks themselves. A typical AdSpend for Omni Targeting is between $300 – $500.

In ultra rare cases if AdSpend were to be $5,000 or more we reserve the right to review the monthly management fee.

Smart Niche &



Day 1

Monthly Management


Day 14
Go Live
Recurs Monthly

When choosing to onboard with both PPC Smart Niche and Omni Targeting you will be onboarded with our PPC Smart Niche form first. Our teams will then coordinate and start the onboarding for Omni Targeting.

What’s included in setup
  • 40 Minute Onboarding Call
  • Account Linking (GTM, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)
  • Remarketing campaign setup (including ad copy, audience targeting, ad extensions)
  • Remarketing pixel creation and implementation via Google Tag Manager
  • All 150+ ad design and creation for all platforms including video content.
  • Google Remarketing
    • Video Ads: Remarketing (Brand/Authority/Offer/Recovery)
    • Display Ads: Remarketing (Brand / Authority / Offer / Recovery)
    • Gmail Ads: Remarketing (Brand / Authority / Offer)
    • Ad Types:
    • Custom in following sizes: 120×240, 120×600, 125×125, 160×600, 180×150, 200×200, 250×250, 234×60, 300×1050, 300×250, 300×600, 320×100, 320×50, 336×280, 468×60, 728×90, 970×250, 970×90
    • Google Responsive Display Ads (automatically format to fit every available size and placement)
  • Linkedin (Case by case basis)
    • Display Ads: Remarketing (Brand / Authority / Offer / Recovery)
  • TrafficFuel (Case by case basis)
    • Display Ads: Remarketing (Brand / Authority / Offer / Recovery)
  • Facebook/Instagram Remarketing
    • Display Ads: (Brand / Authority / Offer / Recovery)
    • Video Ads
    • Ad Types: Facebook Feed, Facebook Right Column, Facebook Stories, Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories.
  • Audience set up and management based on xxx
  • All ad sizing
What’s included in management
  • Bi-weekly Account Management and Optimizations
  • Monthly White label Report
  • Ongoing offer/ad rotation based on a proven remarketing calendar
  • Seasonal Ad Rotation
  • Quarterly campaign review calls with the client
  • Ticket system for inquiries – 24hr response time
What’s excluded
  • Ad Spend
  • Landing page – Is available at an additional charge.
  • Off site tracking
  • Campaigns for ECommerce websites
  • Additional changes after the onboarding call will incur a charge.
  • E.g If after the Onboarding Call, the client changes their direction of the ads. We will need to charge an additional onboarding fee.
Optional add-ons
  • Landing Page Creation: From $895
  • PPC Smart Niche From $895 - $1700
  • Complete Omni Ad Set: $495
  • PPC Account Audit $199 (Deductible)
  • Third-Party Tracking: $175/hour

Some FAQs