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Google Deadline For Making Websites “Mobile-Friendly” Approaching Fast

With the number of internet-savvy, mobile-device carriers continuing to rise in every part of society, and more people begin to simply rely on their phones and tablets to surf rather than their laptops, Google has been preparing to launch a new algorithm that will give a distinct advantage in searches to those sites that are “mobile-friendly”. And the date of the ...
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The Importance Of Having A Directions Page On Your Website

So many companies with a website think that just listing their address on the contact page is enough to get people to find them. In fact, a lot of companies fail to even post their address anywhere on their websites, which is even worse! Have you ever clicked on a website and tried to get to the bottom of “where” the company is located, only to fall short?Your customers should not have to ...
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7 Things to Fix on Your Website to Increase Sales

5 Reasons Why Your Website Should Have Faqs

So, you have finally made a wise step to build a website for your business! Good job. You now have the ability to spread the message about your products or services to customers everywhere. Now let's talk about maximizing your exposure and effectiveness online.Having a website is a great first step, but you've got to have great content to draw customers in. One of the basic cornerstones of goo...
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7 Reasons To Upgrade To A Mobile Website

There was a time when just having a website at all – of any kind – was considered cutting edge. A website was seen as a new gateway that allowed customers access to your product or service from the comfort of their home or office. Things have changed. Now, thanks to the rapidly expanding popularity of mobile devices, a standard website won’t cut it anymore.Responsive websites are website...
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