7 Reasons To Upgrade To A Mobile Website

There was a time when just having a website at all – of any kind – was considered cutting edge. A website was seen as a new gateway that allowed customers access to your product or service from the comfort of their home or office. Things have changed. Now, thanks to the rapidly expanding popularity of mobile devices, a standard website won’t cut it anymore.Responsive websites are websites that look good both on a computer and on any mobile device, smart phone or tablet. Millions of people have transitioned from the big computer monitors to a smaller, hand-held device for viewing web technologies. Our web development company in Philly has seen a huge burst in mobile web development, and many of our customers have scrambled to jump on the bandwagon.This is an example of what one of our clients’ websites now looks like after we upgraded their website to a responsive, mobile-friendly interface:Below are 7 reasons why your business should have a website that is optimized for smartphones, tablets and more!1. Get in the mobile game, or lose. The whole world has gone mobile! Using smartphones and tablets, consumers are doing everything on the go. People get their news, find restaurants, book travel reservations, research products, and purchase them all using mobile devices. If you don’t have a mobile website, your business is missing out. 2. Right here, right now.When people on the go need things, they don’t like to wait. They whip out a smartphone or tablet, and look up what they need. If they can’t find you, or your information is not optimized for the small screen, you are losing sales!3. Get to the point.Mobile customers usually know what they are looking for, and they want that information right away. A good mobile website ensures your key info, i.e. hours of operation, address, and contact information, is the first thing customers find. Don’t make them wade through pages of content to find what they need to know in order to purchase from you!4. Optimize the readability of your content.If customers need a little more information, give it to them in a way that looks great on their mobile device. Standard websites are just too dense and difficult to navigate on a touch-screen device. Great mobile websites provide the important details customers need in a clean and easily accessible fashion.5. Boost your search rankings.Businesses that offer mobile versions of their websites rank higher in online search results generated by Google, Yahoo, and Bing than businesses that don’t. Why hide your business down in low-ranking results where no one is looking?6. Your competition has one.Mobile websites have been around long enough that your competitors probably already have a mobile-optimized site, even if you don’t. That means your customers are going to find them first, and probably not shop with you!7. Maintain your image.You’ve worked hard to establish your brand. Don’t let your slick, clean image crumble when a potential customer looks up your outdated website via a mobile device. A bunch of hard-to-read, jumbled information never looks good, no matter how great your products or services may be! When you are ready to have your website become mobile-friendly, our expert web design and development team in PA can help you build a responsive and user-friendly website that looks just as good on mobile devices as they do on computers.

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