Are you ready to take your website traffic and visits to next level? You want more customers, right? Are you doing everything possible to pull in as many visitors as possible? If you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website, check out these 11 tips! Learn them, use them, and watch your web traffic soar!

1. Use Targeted Email Campaigns.

In the world of online marketing practices, including social media, blogging, forum posts and more, email campaigns are still very effective when it comes to converting customers. Maintain your email list and send out thoughtful, well-written emails with short and engaging subject lines. Don’t forget to include links to your website!

2. Be Social.

Think Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linked In and make sure you have profiles on each. Add your web link to those profiles, and regularly update your content. In addition to making your own posts, share or re-tweet relevant posts. Don’t forget to comment on other relevant threads that you find.

3. Blog.

Make sure your website contains a blog page, and update it regularly. Blogs are great ways to include SEO phrases that will help potential customers find your website. They are also a great way to foster your relationship with potential customers and clients by providing useful information which they can use to make better buying decisions.

4. Comment on Relevant Blogs.

Get your name out there as a trusted source of information or expert in your field. Find blogs that pertain to your business, and post comments with helpful links. Blog readers who like your posts will click on your profile, find your web links, and be more inclined to buy from you.

5. Create a forum on your site.

Similar to the strategy above, provide a forum within your website where others can sound off about you and topics relevant to your business. Posters will congregate generating relevant content that will help boost your search rankings. Plus, you’ll create a space where potential customers will “hang out” and possibly shop from you.

6. Post on relevant forums.

Expand your visibility as an identifiable member of the online community by regularly posting on relevant forums. Other posters and readers will get to know you, click on your profile, and visit your website.

7. Submit Blogs to Content Aggregators.

Your blog on your one little website may have the most interesting and useful information on all of the Internet, but that doesn’t matter if people don’t find it. To maximize the chances people will see your blog articles; submit to content aggregator services who can spread your information far and wide.

There are tons of aggregator websites out there, but check out this Top 10 Content Aggregation list by Geeky Brains for a great start.

8. Submit answers on Q & A websites.

When people see you as a source of useful information, they’ll be more inclined to check out your website. This is a great way to position your business as the expert in your specific field plus be viewed as a resource who can provide solid answers on sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers. Think of questions your customers might be asking, search those sites for relevant threads, and answer away!

9. Post on YouTube.

You might not automatically think of it, but YouTube is actually the second largest search engine out there — with billions of searches a month. By producing short, informative videos related to your products or services, you can potentially reach a lot of customers this way. Just imagine your business going viral. It happens all the time!

Here is an example of one of our customers who uses YouTube to drive traffic to his Intergalactic Fireworks website:

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