So, you have finally made a wise step to build a website for your business! Good job. You now have the ability to spread the message about your products or services to customers everywhere. Now let’s talk about maximizing your exposure and effectiveness online.

Having a website is a great first step, but you’ve got to have great content to draw customers in. One of the basic cornerstones of good web content is a solid “Frequently Asked Questions” page. If you want to reach more customers, read on for five important reasons you NEED a great FAQ page!

1. FAQs boost your web search result rankings.

When customers use Google, Yahoo, or Bing to look up a product or service they need, those search engines provide a list of websites matching the search. Those results are ranked and displayed according to the amount of content a website contains that matches the search. Therefore, the more your website talks about your service or product, the higher you rank in online search results. Basically, FAQs are a great opportunity to add searchable keywords to your website, while providing valuable information to potential customers! Make sense?

This leads to the next point…

2. FAQ pages are popular with potential customers.

In addition to making those robotic search engines rank your website higher in search results; FAQ’s make real-live people happy. In fact, FAQ sections rank among the most-visited web pages on the Internet after Home Pages. That’s because customers these days are savvy, and they like to be informed. They want information, and they don’t necessarily want to interact with another real-live person to get it… especially not a salesperson.

A keyword-rich, informative FAQ page allows customers to find answers to common questions without feeling any pressure to buy. As a result, your customers will feel much more!


This is an example of one very cool FAQs page that our Philadelphia web design firm prepared for a local client:

3. FAQ pages allow you to sell subtly — and more effectively.

The well-written FAQ page is practically an art form! If used correctly, this section of your website is where you can connect with your customer’s sense of reason and intellect to really drive home your value proposition. It’s your chance to address common concerns and assuage them. In answering common questions, you get to explain why your product or service is the answer or solution!

There’s no better way to sell than letting customers decide for themselves that you are what they want or need! Meanwhile, as your FAQ page is addressing the concerns of your would-be customers, you can add links to other parts of your website to help along the sale.

4. Use your FAQ page to drive sales with links to product pages.

Write smart, content-rich FAQs, and watch your sales grow! Frequently Asked Questions are the perfect way to engage your customers. By providing the answers to common questions, you have the opportunity to arm your customers with the knowledge they need to make informed buying decisions.

Once your customers understand why they need your product or service, the next step is to get them to the sales page. That’s where well-placed links to your product or service page come into play. Drop a few links within the copy, and your better-informed, more confident customer will be just a click away from the solution they’ve been seeking! It just so happens that these links are a great way to further boost your web search rankings, too.

5. Cut down on customer service costs.

By providing an informative FAQ page on your website, you can cut down on the time you spend answering customer questions over the phone or via web chats. Plus, allowing customers to educate themselves on your product or service will help increase sales, while reducing the amount of returned product. How is that for win, win?

The bottom line with FAQs

When it comes to capturing sales online, content is king, and a great FAQ page plays a crucial part in delivering key information to your would-be customers. If you’re still considering adding an FAQ page to your website, ask yourself the following questions:

Want to boost your web search results?

  • Trying to win over more customers?
  • Looking to sell more subtly and effectively?
  • Hoping to drive people more people to your sales pages?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to get a great FAQ page up on your website right away! Creative Web Results is offers experienced web development services in Philadelphia, and beyond. Let us help you design an awesome website for your business.

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